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 Dog Training Services

We are in the BEST FRIENDS business.

Dog Training Services for Willis, The Woodlands and Conroe.

Let The Mannered Mutt take your dog from good to great highly skilled and professional dog trainers! Our Dog Obedience Training programs defy the “standard” classes you will find anywhere else. We take the extra steps when it comes to your dog’s training program. Our focus is heavily on your dog’s state of mind and our goal is to create a relationship that is earned from trust and respect. Whether you want to focus on your dog’s leash manners, obedience, or need help with some more serious behavior problems like aggression or anxiety, we have the perfect dog training program for you and your best friend.

If you have a special request or want a certain behavior resolved, just ask! Programs can be customized to suit your specific needs. If you’re interested in having more than one dog trained at a time, ask about our multi-dog program discounts.

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Dog Obedience Training Programs

Do you want your dog to have the best manners on the block? Our two week, on-leash Board & Train Program will cover all the basics.

  • Includes a training collar
  • Two, 1-hour private lessons included
  • Four, 1-hour follow-up sessions
  • Covers Heel, Sit, Down, Climb and Out commands

Do you dream of trusting your dog to listen to commands, even when he’s not on a leash? Our 4 week dog training program will turn your pup into a off leash superstar!

  • Includes a training collar
  • Technologies Easy Educator remote collar
  • Two, 1-hour Private sessions
  • Covers Heel, Sit, Down, Come, Place commands, both on leash and off leash
  • Helps Stop bad behaviors like barking, chewing, jumping on people, mild aggression and anxiety

Some dogs need more than just obedience training: dogs with aggression, anxiety, fear, and other serious challenges. When it comes to helping your dog, Our Dog Training Program can fix even the most rowdy dog. PLUS! Learn some amazing off leash obedience!

  • Includes a training collar
  • Training to resolve food aggression, human aggression, dog aggression
  • Separation anxiety, fear of people, noises or other animals
  • Includes two, 1-hour follow-up sessions
  • Covers Heel, Sit, Down, Place and Come commands using remote collar.

Does your dog pull you down the street? Or bark or lunge at every car and bike that passes by? This program will teach your dog to mind their manners, making the structured walk an enjoyable experience for you both.

  • Includes a training collar
  • One, 2-hour initial session
  • One, 1-hour follow-up session
  • Covers Heel and Sit commands
  • Sessions must be completed within 30 days of program start date

Private Lessons

Work side by side with our dog trainers, and watch your dog transform WITH you! All packages include a training collar

The lessons begin in our dog training center, and you will soon graduate to going off-site together as the training progresses. This will help you communicate easily, clearly, and in a fun way with your dog.

Perfect for owners who want their dogs to be reliable and trustworthy on and off the leash. Your dog will learn to be obedient on and off leash, at a distance, and around distractions!

Board & Train Programs

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your dog could literally spend all day with a Master Dog Trainer while learning the ins-and-outs of training? We are happy to introduce our famous board and train program to the Montgomery County Area!

If you are busy, this dog training program is for you. Maybe your dog is showing some serious behavioral problems and you need some help in curbing those? Or maybe he is just too rambunctious and know he will need more attention during the training phase than you can give him?

* All our dog board & train programs come with LIFETIME access to the Mannered Mutt’s Club, which includes complimentary dog training classes, preferred rates for boarding & daycare, as well as discounts on all our amenities.


Have you recently welcomed a puppy into your family? This dog training program will get your new addition off to a great start by teaching basic commands and problem-solving unwanted behaviors like jumping, nipping, barking and chewing. We’ll also help you navigate crate training, housebreaking and potty training. Give us your puppy for two weeks, and we will give you the dog of your dreams!

  • Includes a training collar
  • Covers Heel, Sit, Down, come and place commands
  • Puppies must be between 12 weeks and six months of age