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Frequently Asked Questions

We are located at 1751 Cargill Dr, off old 75 in Willis, just 1.7 miles off the freeway, and 1 mile north of the Willis high school. Just minutes from Willis, The Woodlands and Conroe.

We are open Monday thru Friday, 7am- 6pm, Saturday 7am-12pm and open for boarding pick-ups only, Sundays 4pm-6pm

Holiday Hours
On major holidays, our lobby is closed for pick up, drop off, and daycare. Additionally, on days surrounding holidays, we may have reduced lobby hours or require reservations for daycare.  As always, even when our lobby is closed, our loving staff is here all day to take great care of your pup if he or she is boarding.

Please note that a 3-night minimum reservation will be required for these holiday periods. 

New Year’s Day: Closed
Easter: Closed
Memorial Day: Closed
4th of July: Closed
Labor Day: Closed
Thanksgiving: Closed
Christmas: Closed
New Year’s Eve: 6am to Noon

Your dog will undergo an interview to make sure he or she is a good fit for our day camp, as well as enjoy playing with everyone. Your dog’s interview day is complimentary.

We start day camp promptly at 8am.

Day camp drop off is between the hours of 7-11 am, Monday thru Friday. You can pick up your camper at any time.

We require the following vaccines be current for the health and safety of all our dogs and staff. You can either bring a copy of their record from your veterinarian or we are happy to have them faxed over for you.

It is recommended that all puppies be at least 4 months old and have at least 3 rounds of vaccines prior to attending camp. There are many communicable diseases that spread through contact and young dogs are exceptionally susceptible to getting sick.

Unfortunately for their own safety and the safety of other campers, they cannot. Due to our open concept boarding and day camp, all dogs enrolled at The Mannered Mutt, MUST be spayed and neutered. Dogs that are not spayed or neutered are at greater risk of getting picked on by other dogs, starting fights; This usually occurs due to the scent of hormones and triggers excessively dominant behavior, mounting, or excessively aggressive play.

The Mannered Mutt understands and will allow puppies UNDER 1year of age to participate provided that the following conditions are met:

– they are not excessively humping
– they are not displaying dominant behaviors (mounting, neck biting, etc.)
– they are not inspiring dominant behaviors from other dogs due to their intact status
– they are not creating an unsafe play environment

If your puppies intact status begins to disrupt other day campers, they will be removed from day camp until they are neutered.

We ask that all dogs be spayed and neutered for at least 6 weeks prior to attending day camp.

You have a full 60 days from the date you purchased the pass.

Food: Please bring your dogs food in individual bags, pre-measured. This allows us to ensure we are giving enough food and that they have enough for their stay with us. Keep in mind, dogs here are BUSY! They spend a lot of their days very active and may need a little extra food. We feed your dog to your specifications and can handle a majority of the special needs out there, add-ons, mix ins, heated etc.
Should you forget your dogs food- NO WORRIES. We are happy to feed our house food at no additional charge, however, this abrupt change may cause tummy upset that will require treatment.

Treats: Bring. Them. On. We are happy to give your dog sent along yummies. Keep in mind they will enjoy their cookies in the privacy of their room.

Bedding: You are encouraged to bring one item from home for your dog such as a blanket, towel,crate pad,t-shirt etc. Please DO NOT bring beds, comforters or other bedding that we cannot wash.

Belongings: Our guests are welcome to bring up to three personal belongings excluding their collar and leash to have during their stay. Items typically brought include a blanket, toy and chew bone. Please mark all items with your pets name, Items not marked will be marked at the time of check in.

DO NOT bring items that will be missed if lost. We are not responsible for lost items.

Medication: All medication must be in original OTC containers OR in their original prescription bottles. We like to medicate our guests personally, so please do not mix their medication with their food; it lets us ensure they received their meds and it wasn’t spit back out, rolled under a bed etc.

We do not accept diabetic, or epileptic dogs for their own safety, nor can we accept dogs that are on Prednisone; Prednisone can negatively affect your dogs behavior and temperament putting them at risk for injury.